Bro. Stacy Robinson

The following is an interview with neophyte brother, Stacy Robinson:

Bro. Robinson is a Spring 2014 initiate at Zeta Pi Lambda, crossing into Alpha on March 5, 2014.  He holds a BA & MBA in Accounting from University of Phoenix and currently employed as a Budget Analyst for Green River College.  Bro. Robinson is married with 2 children and enjoys motorcycle riding and RV travel/camping.

What first attracted you to Alpha?  
My brother is an Alpha (Omega Chapter) and indirectly and unintentionally introduced me to Alpha Phi Alpha as his Alpha brothers used to visit our home frequently.  But, the prestige, professionalism and integrity of Alphas is really what attracted me to Alpha Phi Alpha.

Who is your favorite Jewel and why? 
I think that all of the founding Jewels made significant contributions to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; I favor them equally

Who is your sponsor and what has that relationship been like?
Brother John Nelson was my sponsor.  Brother Nelson has provided great support in guiding me through my first year as an Alpha.

What chapter office do you hold?
Financial Secretary

What is your most memorable experience as an Alpha?  
The night I completed the initiation process and "crossed the burning sands".

What is your most endeared National program?  
A voteless people is a hopeless people

If possible what changes or new program would you like to implement with the chapter?  
Streamline and document financial policies and procedures.