posted May 20, 2014, 3:54 PM by Seattle Alphas

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is outraged that more than 300 young women were taken from their loved ones and sold into slavery in Nigeria, while almost nothing happened to help them for a month. These are our daughters, our sisters, our nieces or our friends. The kidnapping of any girl or boy is unconscionable and Alpha men everywhere will make their voices heard. 

Today, as continued violence and kidnappings take place, Alpha stands with the Congressional Black Caucus in support of their decision to back Secretary Kerry’s resolution which sent a security team to Nigeria that includes military and law enforcement personnel capable of sharing expertise in intelligence, investigations, hostage negotiating and victim assistance with the Nigerian government. The fraternity has contacted the Congressional Black Caucus to see how our members can be of service in pushing any agenda that helps bring these young women home safely while getting the word out and making a difference.

Children's rights are human rights, and every child has an absolute right to receive an education in a safe and protected environment. This is a human rights issue. This is a global concern, and Alpha stands ready to support those who are willing to do the right thing and #BringBackOurGirls.