Electing New Leaders for Alpha

posted Oct 8, 2014, 9:56 AM by Seattle Alphas


I hereby announce the commencement of the certifying nomination and election for the Office of General President and Comptroller as of today, the first day of October 2014. The Certifying Nomination Package must be submitted to the standing Committee on Elections. The package is available for download and must be submitted no later than the thirty-first day of October 2014.
The information provided to you highlights the key dates and activities throughout the duration of this process. Requirements for election to a general office can be found in the Constitution and By-Laws of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Electing new leaders is one of the most important processes we have in our fraternity and the decision to present oneself for leadership is equally as important. Please review the information below to understand the timelines for this process. If you have any questions, please contact the chairman of the Committee on Elections, Brother Lucious Turner, at elections@apa1906.net.

The nomination and election cycle for the general office of general president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is in two phases: the ballot phase and the election phase. The ballot phase will take place at the 109th Anniversary/93rd General Convention in Charlotte, NC where delegates elect the top two candidates to the official ballot. The election phase will occur in April 2016. One member from the official ballot will be elected by majority vote of the active membership. The general president presides over the General Convention or any special General Convention that may be called, is the chairman of the board of directors, and represents the fraternity in such manner as the nature of his office may require.

The nomination and election for the general office of comptroller of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. will take place at the 109th Anniversary/93rd General Convention in Charlotte, NC. One member is elected by majority vote of the delegates and assumes office at the conclusion of the General Convention. The comptroller is a key position within the fraternity, with principal duties to maintain audits of budgeted financial operations and authorizing orders on the fraternity’s treasury for all approved budgeted expenditures.

Submit completed package to:
Lucious Turner, Chairman
Committee on Elections
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
2313 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218


Mark S. Tillman
General President

Timeline for General President and Comptroller Elections

  • October 1–31, 2014: Candidate certification application submission window
  • November 1–30, 2014: Candidate certification approval window
  • December 1, 2014: Certified candidates announced, official campaigning begins
  • March 2015 – April 2015: Candidate forums at all 2015 regional conventions
  • August 2015: Candidate forum, top two general president candidates elected to official ballot and Comptroller elected at General Convention (comptroller assumes office at conclusion of convention)
  • August 2015: Immediately following the General Convention, top two general president candidates continue campaigning
  • March 2016 – April 2016: Candidate forums at all 2016 regional conventions
  • April 2016: Ballots distributed to membership no later than the twenty-first (21st) day (a member’s grand tax must be paid by April 1, 2016, or he must be a Life Member and all financial obligations satisfied)
  • July 2016: General President announced (announcement will occur at a board of directors meeting)
  • January 1, 2017: 35th General President assumes office