What President Obama's "My Brothers Keeper Initiative" Means for Alpha

posted Apr 21, 2014, 8:15 AM by Seattle Alphas
Brother Eugene Schneeberg, Director of the Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships for the White House has been an integral part in the launch of President Obama's "My Brothers Keeper Initiative". Alpha Phi Alpha has been doing the work that is involved in this initiative and plans to continue to do so, because our young men of color need us more than ever. We had a successful Leadership Development Institute at the General convention and are pushing more and more chapters to participate. General President Tillman is a "Big" with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America himself and more and more brothers are signing up to fill the gap of mentors for young men of color. As we continue to engage President Obama's MBK initiative we need brothers to be active and ready serve.

See an overview of the initiative and where Alpha fits below:

My Brothers Keeper White House Initiative 

•Engaged with key White House administrations who are facilitating the program.  Many staffers are Alpha brothers.
•Education Foundation, Charitable Foundation, and GTHSGTC Committee to recommend, focus on funding goals
•Commission on Racial Justice, Commission on Public Policy, and VPHP Committee to recommend, focus on areas of policy
•Continue to execute Leadership Development Institute at General Conventions and regional conventions
•Alpha’s 2014 Agenda includes adding 400 new Alpha Bigs by the end of the year
•Promote web portal to showcase Alpha’s dedication to Empower Boys and Young Men of Color


•Your Plan of Action;
–Contact your local Big Brothers Big Sisters affiliate to become a Big
–Work with BBBS to implement School-based mentoring for college members; Community-based, family, and couples mentoring are available
–Implement/enhance your chapter’s group mentoring effort: Go to High School, Go to College and Project Alpha.
–If you cannot commit the time to being a mentor, support the efforts of your brothers and chapters who do by making a financial investment
–Show how you are currently making a difference with our youth by sending photos and stories to be featured in the Alpha News Update and the Sphinx Magazine.
•Alpha Phi Alpha IS My Brother’s Keeper…it begins with YOU!

What Should Alpha do to empower boys and young men of color?

Remain Mission Focused!

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Develops Leaders, Promotes Brotherhood & Academic Excellence While Providing Service & Advocacy to Our Communities.