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2014 Thanksgiving Deliveries 
Divine 9 Shopping Event 2014
 Seattle NPHC 20th Anniversary Gala
Bro. Duane Hill's 60th Surprise Birthday Celebration
 2014 NPHC Scholarship Banquet
2014 Alpha Bar-B-Que

 2014 ZPL Founders Day Dinner
66th Western Region Convention
 66th WR Souvenir Book
66th WR Public Recog & Awards 
Seattle's Divine 9 at Christmas

Seattle's Divine 9 at Christmas
 Founders Day 2013Founders Day 2013
Rev. John H. Adams
Bishop John H. Adams
Weekend To Remember
Weekend to Remember 
Alpha Picnic 2013
Alpha Picnic 2013 
NPHC Awards Banquet 2013
NPHC Awards Banquet 2013
Bro McIver's Memorial Service
Great NW IMDP Team
Alpha Picnic 2012
 Santas Helpers 2012
Pullman Porter Blues 2012
 Sandals Montego Bay 2012
Project Alpha 2012 Breakfast 2012 Day 2011
Divine 9 Christmas 2011