Prominent Brothers

As underprivileged peoples around the world continue to struggle for their God-given rights of freedom, justice, equality and human dignity, the Fraternity continues to stand at the forefront of efforts to win those rights. Alpha Phi Alpha today continues in the spirit of leadership the Fraternity has demonstrated since 1906. This is a select list of some of the prominent Alpha Men that have identified themselves as leaders at the forefront; ordinary men who stand tall and and do extraordinary things.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Activist
Julius L. Chambers: NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Lester Granger: National Urban League
Frederick Douglass: Anti-Slavery Activist
W.E.B. Dubois: Writer, Historian, and Civil Rights Activist who often went tête-à-tête with Booker T. Washington regarding the black races primary focus for its own uplift. He was co-founder of the NAACP. He wrote "The Talented Tenth".
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.: Civil Rights Activist
Thurgood Marshall: Civil Rights Activist, Supreme Court Justice
Paul Robeson: Activist, Scholar, Singer, Football Player
Dick Gregory: Activist
William Gray: United Negro College Fund, Businessman
Franklin Williams: Phelps-Stokes Fund

James Check: Howard University
Thomas W. Cole, Jr.: President, Clark-Atlanta University
William B. DeLauder: President, Delaware St. University
John Hope Franklin: Historian
E. Franklin Frazier: Sociologist
Dennis Kimbro: Author
Frederick Patterson: Founder, UNCF
Dr. Ronald J. Temple: Chancellor, City Colleges of Chicago
Cornell West: Noted Author and Professor. Former professor of Afro-American Studies and Philosophy of Religion at Harvard University. He is the author of "Race Matters ", co-author of "Jews and Blacks", and he currently teaches at Princeton University in New Jersey.
Andrew Zawacki: Rhodes Scholar, Author
Dr. Raymond W. Cannon: 1st Edition, Sphinx Magazine
Norm Francis: President, Xavier University
N.P.G. Adams: First African-American to be Dean of Howard University Medical School
Howard H. Long: Former Assistant Superintendent of D.C. Public Schools.

Roscoe Cartwright: General, AUS. First African American to reach the position of Brigadier General in the United States Army.
Samuel Gravel: Admiral, USN
Edward Honor: Major General, AUS
Fred A. Gorden: Brigadier General
Samuel Gravely: Admiral
Benjamin Hacker: Rear Admiral
Edward Honor: Major General
James McCall: Major General

Dr. Lessall D. Leffall: President, American College of Surgeons
James Comer: Psychologist
Garrett Morgan: Inventor, Traffic Signal
Louis Sullivan: Secretary of Health and Education
Winston Scott: Commander NASA
Levi Watkins, MD: First African American to hold the position of Associate Dean for the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.
Dr. Roger L. Youmans: Noted Surgeon in the Congo of Africa who is credited with creation the modern hospital system used there today

Hubert H. Humphrey: Former Vice-President of the United States of America
Roland Burris: United States Senator
Kwame Kilpatrick: Former Mayor of Detroit
Dennis Archer: Former Mayor of Detroit and First African American President of the American Bar Association
Marion Berry: Current City Councilman and Former Mayor of Washington, D.C.
Richard Arrington: First African American Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama 
Willie Brown: First African American Mayor of San Francisco, California 
Emanuel Cleaver: First African American Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri
David Dinkins: Former Mayor of New York
Rev. Emmanuel Cleaver: Mayor of Kansas City
Chaka Fattah: Congressman, Pennsylvania
Ernest Finney: South Carolina Supreme Court Justice
Earl Hilliard: Congressman, Alabama (7th District)
Maynard Jackson: Former Mayor of Atlanta and First African American Mayor of that City
Thurgood Marshall: Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice. First black U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 33rd Solicitor General of the United States of America, and a renowned attorney. He won the Supreme Court case Brown vs. Topeka, Kansas Board of Education, ending the racist tradition of separate but equal and thereby ending segregation in schools.
Earnest "Dutch" Morial: First African American Mayor of New Orleans
Marc Morial: Former Mayor of New Orleans and President of the National Urban League
Charles Rangel: Congressman, New York (15th District)
Norman B. Rice:  Former Mayor of Seattle
Robert C. Scott: Congressman, Virginia (3rd District)
Ron Sims: Former King County Executive and Former Secretary of Housing and Development
Andrew Young: Former Mayor of Atlanta
Edward Brooke: Former U.S. Senator and Massachusetts State Attorney General and Recipient of the 2004 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Thomas J. Burrell: CEO, Burrell Advertising
W. Melvin Brown: CEO, American Development Corp.
John H. Johnson: Entrepreneur; Publisher of Ebony and Jet Magazines; First African American to appear on the Forbes 400 
Delano Lewis: President, National Public Radio
Henry Parks: Founder, Parks Sausages, Inc.
Joshua Smith: CEO, Maxima Corporation

Daryl Bell: Actor
Tony Brown: Journalist/Producer
Countee Cullen: Poet
Duke Ellington: World-renowned jazz composer and musician. Recipient of the French government’s highest and United States governments highest civilian awards; the Legion of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, respectively.
Donny Hathaway: Musician
Eugene Jackson: National Black Network
Stuart Scott: ESPN Anchorman
Chuck Stone: Philadelphia Daily News
Keenan Ivory Wayans: Comedian, Producer
Lionel Hampton: Awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Clinton for his amazing ability with the vibraphone.
Lionel Ritchie: Acclaimed singer and songwriter with three Grammys, seven American Music Awards, and one Oscar.
Hill Harper: Actor

Quinn Buckner: Former NBA Player and Coach
Wes Chandler: Former NFL Player
Todd Day: Former NBA Player
Bobby Phills: Former NBA Player
Rosie Greer: Former NFL Player
Charles Haley: Former NFL Player
Michael Jackson: Former NFL Player
Carnell Lake: Former NFL Player
Jesse Owens: Olympic Gold Medalist
Fritz Pollard: 1st Black Head Coach in the NFL and first African American to play in the Rose Bowl
Mike Powell: Track Star; holds the World Record for the long jump
Eddie Robinson: Winningest Football Coach in NCAA History
Art Shell: Former NFL Player and Coach
Wes Unseld: Former NBA Player and Coach
Gene Upshaw: Former President of the NFL Players Association and NFL Hall of Fame Inductee
Lenny Wilkens: Winningest Coach in NBA History
John "Hot Rod" Williams: Former NBA Player
Reggie Williams: Former NFL Player (WR)
Greg Coleman: First black punter in the NFL.