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Alphas Promote Seattle's Minimum Wage Proposal

posted Jun 4, 2014, 2:02 PM by Seattle Alphas   [ updated Jun 4, 2014, 2:14 PM ]
It was a historic moment for Seattle: we will help 100,000 low-wage Seattle workers and serve as a model for cities throughout the nation as they address income inequality in their own communities.  

We should also be proud that Alpha men played pivotal roles in making this happen.  Bros.  Bruce Harrell and Gordon McHenry, Jr.  were asked by the Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to participate on his “Income Inequality Advisory Committee” – a group of local business, labor and non-profit leaders charged with developing a plan to increase the minimum wage in Seattle, and I was honored to serve as the Mayor’s policy lead on this Advisory Committee.  

Both Bro. Harrell’s and Bro. McHenry’s advocacy and policy expertise were instrumental in developing the plan that was passed yesterday; Bro. Harrell’s deft political skills were crucial as he helped hold the minimum wage plan together as it went through City Council. 

Thank you to these Brothers…this historic deal would not have happened without them. 

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