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Bro. George Griffin Launches Black PAC of Washington

posted Apr 21, 2015, 12:06 PM by Seattle Alphas   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 12:09 PM ]

Washington State African American Political Action

Committee (Black PAC) Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Washington State African American PAC?

The Washington State African American Political Action Committee (Black PAC) is a

political action committee that is not connected to any party or authorized by any specific

candidate or a separate segregated fund established by a corporation or labor


The Washington state (Black PAC) is a ……

2. Is Black PAC subject to campaign finance laws?

All forms of support, including money and other things of value received by Black PAC

committee from a sponsoring organization are considered contributions, which are

subject to annual limits, prohibitions and disclosure requirements under the Federal

Election Campaign Act (the Act).

3. Who can contribute to Black PAC?

According to federal election1 rules, anyone can contribute to Black PAC, if they are

eligible to give money, in federal elections, only US citizens can be solicited for or give


4. How much can a PAC contribute to a candidate?

In Washington State2, PACs can contribute $950 per election for Mayors, School Boards,

Counties and City Council offices. Some cities have set their own varied contributions

amount. For example, the city of Seattle only allows for a maximum $700 contribution

per city council candidate.

The limit for Executives (Governors), Legislative (State Representatives and Senators),

Judicial and Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma Commissioner Candidates is $1,900 per


5. How is membership determined?

There are two levels of membership in Black PAC.

Voting Members aged 29 and under who give $500 for two years and those aged 30 and

older, who give $1000 for two years. Only voting members are able to elect the Board

Chair and Treasurer, Black PAC’s officers.

Non-Voting Members of any age who wish to belong to the group, work to achieve the

goals of the group, but do not/cannot meet the fiscal requirements.

6. What are the benefits of the membership?

a. Will receive a quarterly newsletter with update of activities and notes from any


b. Board members will meet at least twice a year to discuss candidates and the

potential support of those candidates.

c. Will receive quarterly financial reports.

d. Will be made aware of upcoming political events in Washington State.

e. Will have the option of to participate in twice a year symposium, which will be

geared to get more African Americans involved in politics in Washington State.

f. Will have the option to be part of the planning group for the symposiums.

g. Will have the opportunity to serve of the Executive Board or on the standing

committees that will be determined by the board.

h. You will be able to review and change the bylaws when needed.